Hello World!
15 September 2020#Personal

My name is Irfan. This is my first blog post. I have decided to launch this website/blog to share my personal projects as well as anything that I have learned which might be useful for the public. If you haven't already, you can learn more about myself and my experiences on my portfolio.

As most software developers that tinker around with technology as a hobby, my projects usually end up unfinished in a cardboard box in the corner of a room, in a hard drive, or somewhere on the cloud. I am hoping that starting a blog will provide some sort of accountability to finish the projects I work on. Additionally, I am hoping that sharing my journey will open up opportunities to meet like-minded people.

I am currently working as a Systems Analyst / Developer in the financial industry. I have a keen interest in IoT and Blockchain technologies. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked on an IoT prototype for my senior year engineering project. My next few projects will involve IoT, Blockchain and AI/ML as I explore the intricacies of such technologies.

Feel free to follow my journey on my website! I am also hoping to post more about these technologies and my personal journey on social media (GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn).

See you around!